Macaron & Roses Icon Candle Cloche Cover 100hr


What it is: Inspired by french desserts and blooming rose gardens, this new collection from Voluspa delights as it glows.

How it works: Glass cloche cover keep your candle in tact and makes a lovely reveal before lighting. Natural wax blend burns cleanly for up to 55 hours.

Why you like: Gorgeous faceted and swirled patterns catch the light and display beautifully in the home. Repurpose and use to store treasures once the wax is gone.

Rose Coloured Glasses- Pink rose, neroli, amber and sweet vanilla
Milk Rose- Bulgarian rose, marshmallow milk and amber
Rose Otto- Steamed rose flower tops, rose essential oil
French Toast- Sweet brioche bread, maple syrup, vanilla almond whipped creme.
Birthday Cake- Vanilla bean, rainbow sprinkles
Violet & Honey- Creme, lavender honey, sugared violet pearls

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