Muse Collection Faceted Jar Candle 44hr


What it is: A stunning faceted, frosted glass candle that is as elegant as the fragrances it contains.

How it works: Scents are slow-released through this clean-burning soy wax for upwards of 44 hours of burn time

Why you like: This statement piece is the perfect way to add art, fragrance and fashion to your world. Available in six colors, you can find the perfect look for any moment or any room.  

Paris contains livening notes of white tea, ginger, violets and vanilla.
Volcano erupts with notes of tropical fruits and sugared citrus.
Blue Jean is as comforting as your favorite pair with notes of citrus, white musk and patchouli.
Modern Mint refreshes with notes of sweet mint, green tea and spearmint
Pomegranate Citrus gives engerizing notes of grapefruit, pomegranate and rose
Rain calms with notes of gardenia, musk and honeysuckle
Aloha Orchid blossoms with orchid, jasmine and gardenia

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